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Quick – and be honest – is this a stupid title?

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Public testing/Greenlight/Kickstarter are all getting closer all the time…

(EDIT)  Guess that one sucks – here’s another shot at it.

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  1. Title is ok, but picture looks like an error warning, like “page not found” or “service unavailable ” at first glance, or whatever. Does not look like title card at all.

  2. I feel the opposite.

    Title card is… okay, but I don’t like the title of the game.

    I could get over it, but my gut response is “that sounds dumb.”

  3. Jamie Rezendes

    Okay honest right? I’m a mix of both of the above. I dont like any of it.

  4. …well god damn it.

  5. Jamie Rezendes

    For the new one i like the title card, but the title is kind of misleading. Infact i dont see what it has to do with the game.

  6. Don’t get discouraged, we can do this.
    ( ! Warning: Some may be ridiculous word plays)
    Bandit: Post-Apocalypse
    Grab & Go

    I assume you’re going for an ! because it looks like the main robot; so any of these could end with ! to make it exciting and incorporate that imagery.

  7. The catch is that I hate titles that end with exclamation points (it’s…just awkward to have one in a casual sentence). There are some other slang terms for exclamation points, but the easiest one, “bang,” is impossible to use in a title because it will invariable come out sounding like a weird sex joke. “Not” is the one that I like the most (exclamation points represent the logical NOT operator in many coding languages), so “not the robots” is the best I have so far that uses it.

    If you can think of a better title that incorporates the word “Not,” then DEFINITELY lay it on me.

  8. Recon




    Probot (probe + robot, my favorite)

  9. Excavation Point, Catastropholis, SuperLoot, The Pilfer Pastime, Subterfugitive, I still like Wasteland.

  10. NickNot (nick = steal)

  11. Vin Howard

    Well, to tell you weather a name is good or not, I would need to know what “feel” you are looking for. What was the idea behind the name. Ect.

    But for your current title, I don’t really like it. It doesn’t sound like a title, rather something random would say as a joke (Like “Not the cats!” or “Not the box!” after watching a clip).

    Also, a title, in my opinion, doesn’t need to make perfect “sense.” For example, “Angel Beats!” (which, quite coincidentally, does officially have a “!” in it’s name). That series had a character that was refereed to as “Angel” and there were some musical elements in the background (though they were weak), but overall, “Angel Beats!” didn’t have much to do with angels or with beats.

    A title can refer to an element to the story that, while it clearly something belonging to the story, doesn’t play that big a role in the story. A good example of this is “Welcome to the NHK.” While the “NHK” did play a role in the beginning and end of the story, it wasn’t referred to all that often, and barely played a role in the story.

    And finally, a title can also be something silly you just came up with. For example, “Bakemonogatari” is the portmanteau of the Japanese words bakemono (meaning monster or ghost) and monogatari (meaning story). (this last example is actually similar to how I came up with the title of the story I am currently working on)

  12. So, the exclamation point is supposed to be the robot right?

  13. Hmm… oh!

    How about Notbot?

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