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I’ve had less stuff to work on lately than usual because the stealth game is still approaching its testing milestone, so I’ve got a bunch of to-do lists that I can’t work on quite yet, and instead I’ve had some extra working time left over.  So basically, during this past week I made a little micro-project.  It’s up on Kongregate and it’s called “TURBO GORE RATED M.”







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  1. Tapan Adarkar

    I can understand the mathematical connections in the first two…but the third one, thats just a co-incidence, isn’t it?

  2. Tapan Adarkar

    or rather, its just natular…you’d expect the highest traffic at around 9 a.m and comparatively lower eary morning or mid-afternoon…its hard to explain why traffic is least at 9 p.m…

    also, going by the above, it seems you have the most visitors from your time zone, or it’d even out…:P

    but yes, the whole thing is rather queer…even if it were a co-incidence…

  3. Google Analytics (who provided the data) tracks the hourly visits relative to the time zone of each user, so 9pm means 9pm for everyone.

    The third demo is actually very similar to the first one if you consider the average person’s day as a circle, where the bottom is the middle of their sleepy time at night and the top is the peak of their activity in the middle of the day.

    While one day’s traffic doesn’t always resemble a sine wave too closely, it starts to fit the curve better and better as you average more and more days together. I didn’t do anything funny with the data to make it come out the way it does. It’s a normal-ass linear graph and the statistics code to average all the days together actually executes when the graphs are loaded (but it’s using the same data every time so it comes out with the same result).

    I did make the graph start and end at 3am instead of midnight because that makes it phase up with the previous examples better, though.

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