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Here are the links to the public testing version of Not the Robots.  About time!


Windows (64 bit)



A very special prize will be awarded to the first person who can play the alpha version enough to unlock all 24 levels of gameplay content and tell me about their experience.

I’ve heard that there are some issues when running the game with more than one monitor – if you can give me any information about running it with a setup like this, please let me know!

Oh and that video should still be coming along soon, too.

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  1. Jamie Rezendes

    Sounds fantastic! I will test it out.

  2. Hey 2dArray,
    So I downloaded the game and tried it the very next instant. First impressions:

    Graphics : Awesome, especially the bird and the small illustration in the beginning. Reminded me of the exact similar bird in a movie named Mask man or something.

    Gameplay: Kinda hard for beginners, yet addictive. I really loved the controls and the “eating” animation. The sentries and other characters had good AI too.

    Difficulty: I’ll rate it hard tbh. When I played it for the first time, I couldn’t get past the sentry in level 2. Maybe you should add some tips on how to get past it for just the 2nd level? 😉

    Bugs: Well there were not any bugs I could find surprisingly. I reached level 15 when the lag, which I forgot to mention, just peaked. It seems strange for my PC having 4 gigs of RAM lagging while playing the game. Anyways it’s one reason I couldn’t have a smooth gameplay. I had to quit at level 15 since the game was really slowing down.
    And I don’t know whether it was just me but did you miss to specify you should come back to the original location and hit Space Bar to end a level? I was roaming about after getting 100% food and finally figured it out myself. Did I miss it or ?

    Overall: Amazing. I wouldn’t mind playing it over and over cause of it’s brilliant gameplay, the level designs are amazing, the sentries which I love tbh. Defenitely one of your best works. I’d rate it a 7.5/10 but I guess it’ll be like 9 when it’s out officially :) Thanks for giving out the beta version.


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