Gameplay Alpha Number 3

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Some more updates for you:

  • Some new types of furniture

– Two new desks

Two new PCs and a new computer monitor

Two new floor lamps (removed that awkward rectangular one)

– An update to the vending machine

  • Some new decorative props (little desk plants, pencils, stacks of paper, etc)
  • Heavily revised furniture spawning code

– Significantly more accurate furniture density

– Buildings pick a personal subset of the overall furniture list

– Individual rooms inside of a level pick a subset of the building’s subset of the overall furniture list

  • Challenge levels unlock earlier:  Levels 1-4 unlock at Progress Level 2
  • Various other minor bugfixes, tweaks, and optimizations

Download links:


Windows (64 bit)



Web Player

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  1. Hey 2darray,
    I don’t know whether you read my earlier post, though unrelated, I seem to have a problem running this new version. It just quits after the bird animation or the preloader.

    • Hmm, that’s not good. Are you sure you got the same platform as last time (32 bit or 64 bit, specifically)?

  2. UPDATE: Never mind, strange error I guess. I had already tried download it yesterday couple of times but today after downloading it once again, it worked. I’ll check it out! Thanks :)

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