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Happy Monday!  Got a significantly updated version of the public gameplay testing build for you.  If you’re not too far into the unlock progress but already have old save data, I recommend starting off by going to the Options and erasing your progress.  The new version of the game starts with a bit more default content than the old one, so it should be a little more engaging a little earlier on.

This version also includes some of the Story Screen interface mentioned in the previous post, but all of the actual story content will be hidden away until the game’s release.  For instance, here’s a picture of the player character encountering a snippet of the storyline in the wild.

In a strange turn of events, this new alpha build includes the first changelog that I’ve ever kept for myself.  Only took ten years!  The full list of updates is right after the download links.


Windows (64 bit)



Web Player


The Campaign difficulty curve is changed significantly, and part of what that means is that it’s based on some amount of guesswork, so letting me know how far you can get (along with how long you’ve played the game so far) would be super helpful.  Who’s a bad enough dude to finish Building 6?



– Two floors per building instead of three

– Odd buildings only have traps (no Sentries), even buildings are normal

– Different floor types for different rooms of one level

– Possibly finalized unlock progress!

  • Removed first three levels of unlocks
  • Start with Sprint, Dig, Invisible, Blocks, easy laser, easy floor, and sentries
  • Removed first Difficulty unlock (too insignificant of a difference)

– “Surveillance” screen overlay before player spawns

– New Huge Table and Black CRT props

– Began work on Stories screen


Bug fixes

– Fixed an issue with binding actions to a mouse button

– Fixed a problem with using selected items while deactivating teleport+/invisible

– Player character’s Status Lights were visible in elevator before spawning

– Player character was unintentionally invisible during Teleport+

– Fixed problem that caused Easy Sliding Walls to turn permanently white after hitting the player



– Adjustments to overall Campaign difficulty curve

  • Should be tougher, but more succinct

– Food meter blinks with player lights when objectives are complete

– Level generator will no longer spawn two upgrades in one level until all three have been seen

– Intermission screen is a smidgeon faster

– Easy Laser traps pick either a single high or low beam instead of always using a high beam

– Keyboard users can select items with the number keys

– Better furniture-by-rooms selection

– Slightly improved “Eating” particle effect

– Optional tutorial in first level to explain how to use the elevator

– Can crouch/uncrouch before spawning (shown through camera movement)

– Bonus ticks in Campaign’s Progress screen indicate how they were earned

– Campaign difficulty levels have six possible sets of eight names (“Regular,” “Peppery,” “Medium”, “Spicy,” etc. – no more percentages)

– Rebalanced Challenge 9:  The Juggernaut

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  1. I know this is irrelevant to the post, so I apologize; there just seemed nowhere else to write this: Are you still working on Grief? Another silly question: what is the drug that Jack is addicted to in the Company of Myself and Fixation? Thank you so much.

  2. Grief got canned because the gameplay wasn’t turning out to be particularly fun or interesting and the storyline didn’t have anything to do with the original.

    Jack’s substance abuse is intentionally vague, and like most drugs in fiction, it’s loosely based on various aspects of various substances.

  3. Thanks so much for answering! Last question: are you planning on doing any more games related to Fixation and the Company of Myself in the future?
    Your games are beyond fantastic, by the way.

  4. Thanks to you, too! I don’t have any current plans for another game in that series, but I might come up with something appropriate eventually.

  5. Hey 2darray,
    I just tried the new version and I don’t know, but are some levels looping? With that I mean after I complete Building 3 or some other level, it sometimes says its cleared and loads the same on again? Or is it how it is supposed to be? Due to this I can’t get past Building 4. I completed it multiple times until my health ran out and had to play from the beginning :(

  6. EDIT: Just figured out it’s just 4 levels. And the challenge levels are awesome too. The last level had me for like half an hour. I’d get to 95% or something like that and BAM lol. Really enjoyed it. Anyways glad I finished it.

    • There’s a bug in that build that causes the intermission screen to label building numbers incorrectly, and the difficulty for later levels is turned up a bit too high. At release, it’ll be six buildings of two floors each before the ending.

  7. Alright! Can’t wait for more levels. And you’ve probably noticed this, the 2nd and third challenge levels do not have any food to collect. You probably left it for later but just wanted to report it. And another thing I worked out after hours of sentry chases is that you can stand at the exact same place/pixel that the sentry bot is standing and you won’t get hurt. Most cases the sentry will move in a while and then start shooting at you but I’ve managed to escape quite a few times using this little bug_error_glitch_meh_whatever.

  8. Alright! Was playing this game all night yesterday and man! I’ve got the hang of it. I also noticed the game gets harder and harder each time you fill up the bar. Everytime I expected something that would help me, but it just gave me harder laser, weapons and levels lol. Completed all of the 8 challenge levels too (more?). I’ve got a question though. If you’re seen by a sentry and he goes all red and chases you, does it ever calm down? I mean I’ve not lasted very long after it has seen me but if it doesn’t cool down, it’s going to be hard! It’ll be good if there is a cooldown time, maybe like 30 seconds or something after which they come back to the normal state.
    Another small suggestion too 😛 Is there any possibility you will add more to the lights? With that I mean it would be cool if those table lamps and lights lit the place instead of the main light. So that we can eat the light and hide in the dark space. It would be cool if we could do this and hide from the sentries. Adds more adventure right?

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