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Small usability update – a special “surveillance” overlay to show that a round hasn’t actually start yet while you’re checking out the level.

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  1. Hey 2darray,
    Sorry if this is out of topic but can you just suggest some gaming platform for me to start with? I’ve aspired to be a game dev. for so long and I’m in the path of learning. What did you use to make games like Company Of Myself? Was it flash along with actionscript?

    • Use any platform you’d like! Once you’ve gotten comfortable with one, it’ll be way easier to learn other ones, so switching isn’t a huge deal. You’re right that my early games were Flash+Actionscript, but I wouldn’t really recommend starting with those in 2013 as they might be starting to go out of style.

  2. Oh awesome! Thanks a lot for replying. I’ve just got grab of Unity and I gotta say, It’s darn good! I’m getting used to it already and have started creating very basic games. I’m following up tutorials from YouTube.

    And you said Flash is getting out of style, I can understand that but are there any better alternatives to start off developing 2d games? Because I’m kinda worried about jumping right onto 3d. Anyways here is my first ever try in Unity and I’m warning you, don’t faint yourselves playing the most addictive game ever made. In case you do not understand(terribly hard to understand), it’s a car with 4 wheels that can be driven :D. Don’t you try and copy my idea lol


    And have you got any resources which might help me get better in Unity? A website, e-book anything like that?

  3. Nice!

    And if you wanna get better at anything, you just have to practice a whole shitload. Pick games you want to work on and Google for help whenever you get stuck. Good luck with it!

  4. Alright! Thanks a lot for the tip. One last question though. How do you create the textures? Do you do it inside Unity or do you use some other program for it?

  5. I just use Photoshop, but you can use any image editor you’re comfortable with. If you’re not looking for something so pricey, GIMP is a powerful open source (free) alternative that I hear a lot of recommendations for.

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