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Hey guys – a chill bro who calls himself ergman3 recorded a Let’s Play video of the Not the Robots gameplay alpha.  This is the first video of its kind, so I’m pretty excited about it!  He also gives some really useful feedback – a few of his suggestions have already been implemented.

This video shows the game pretty early on in the unlock progress, so there’s only a few of the enemies/items available.  Who can make one farther in, with more content to show off?

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  1. A very nice video indeed! I can agree to everything he said. BTW, today accidentally I deleted the entire game folder. I haven’t downloaded the game again but are the save games lost too? Or is to stored somewhere else on the HDD?

  2. Nope, you’re good – downloading a new copy will not reset your progress.

  3. ooooooh. what did I suggest that’s getting implemented?
    and also thanks for putting this here, really cool.
    and also I might record it again eventually, maybe for the next update or whatever

  4. The biggest thing is that your comments about some of the level layouts gave me the last bit of info I needed to finalize the enemy placement rules. Before, all of the enemies were positioned entirely at random (sounds crazy; worked well enough). Now, it’s got some intelligence to try and make fun/interesting levels more consistently. Thanks a bunch!

    Oh also those green forcefield walls will definitely offer visual cover if you’re crouching behind them. I don’t know how I didn’t think of that, haha.

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