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Hey y’all – hope your Tuesday is going nicely so far.  The game’s still inching towards completion – I only have one more significant piece of content to put together!  David says he’s close to being finished with the sound/music, too.

People seem to like secret things, so I wanted to make sure that Not the Robots contained a whole shitload of mysteries and hidden content to find.  Talking about it too much would spoil some of the surprise, but here’s what I will say:

One of the secret rewards contained in Not the Robots is a full sequel to one of my Flash releases.


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  1. OMG you know, you don’t know how happy the last lines made me!! I love you already for saying there’s gonna be a secret sequel contained !!!! I’m sure everything’s gonna come together resulting in another masterpiece. Can’t wait for an ETA 😀

  2. Wow. That’s maddeningly cool. I’m assuming its one of the text based ones.
    and btw, I love your attitude toward secrets in general. I’m sure it will make this game even more fun to play, with surprises at every corner.

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