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Not the Robots is on the verge of completion – it mostly just needs finalized audio and we’ll be all ready to go.

Here’s a screenshot:

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  1. Jamie Rezendes

    Oh boy! I’ve been a good patient boy! Any ideas of how much the game will cost?

  2. I’ve been planning on releasing it for about $5 on normal download markets (Steam, GoG, etc, if we can get the approval…), and at a discount for a web-only Kongregate version. We’ll put out a free demo as well, which will allow unlimited generated levels, but will only include the beginning of the unlock progression (so only a few of the enemy types/items/challenges/etc, and none of the big secret content).

  3. Everything is looking perfectly good 2DArray! Has the core gameplay changed from what you gave us in the previous beta version? ie with the level creator in the end?

  4. Most of what was in there is still working the same way (with tweaks based on feedback, obviously!), but there is a lot of new content. For starters, each of the trap enemies (everything other than Sentries) have a Super Mode which gets activated by another one of the traps. For instance, if a Laser Turret hits a Sensor Bomb, the Bomb becomes Super, gains a speed bonus, and gains the Sentry’s “teleport furniture” ability. That one happens pretty often – pretty much any time a level contains both of those trap types. Other Super Combos are more rare, and certain traps have more than one Super Mode…I’m curious how long it’ll take for people to discover all of them.

    The alpha also didn’t include Operations mode, which is pretty big. There are 15 of them, and each one’s rules can change the way the game plays in significant ways: Some of them require you to use specific starter items (which can be dropped like the Tagger, but must be picked up again before the level is completed), for instance. Others are a bit more wacky – one of them completely replaces the “eat” mechanic with something a bit more outrageous.

    There’s other stuff, too, but the mystery element is really important to the game, so I don’t want to say too much quite yet.

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