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Okay, tons of updates, but they’re not all about Not the Robots.

First of all, I got accepted into a really cool incubator program in Seattle called HouseOGames.  David Carney is taking part, too, which means that after years upon years of working together, we’ve actually started working in person.  We’ve also finally heard each other’s voices, which is an interesting change…

One element of this is that Robots has a pseudopublisher (tiny Build, the folks behind No Time To Explain), which will allow us to get the game onto Steam.  Score!

I’ve only been here for a week or so, and only three out of the seven participants have landed so far, but it’s easily been the most productive gamedev week that I can remember.  We’ve got a really impressive level of access to industry people, devices, software, etc.  Time to get shit done!

I made some really satisfying changes to the music mixing system and we’ve got almost all of the game’s sound effects prototyped.  Some of them will need to be replaced, but many are already sounding good enough to be included in the finished game.  We’ll put up a video to show how it’s coming along soon!

The current goal is to have Not the Robots ready to release by my birthday, which is October 14th.

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  1. sweet. Good thing that publishing will be easier for you now

  2. Soon…

  3. Is it almost ready?

  4. Super close! We’ve got our voice actors all squared away, and that’s the biggest thing that still needs implementing.

  5. Voice actors? Lol what? Is the little robot speaking?

  6. Haha, no, but there’s a bunch of background story info for the player to find that explains a bit about the setting.

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