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Okay, got a bunch of updates…

First of all, Not the Robots is complete.

Now obviously, I don’t mean absolutely complete – we’ll update it as necessary.  For the moment, I have release-ready versions of the full game and demo running on Steam and Kongregate’s services…they’re just not publicly visible yet.  I’m sorry that all of this has taken so much longer than I was expecting.  At this point we’re just waiting for tinyBuild and Steam to finalize a release date.

A few people who preordered in person can already play the game, though!  One of those people, a CasualConnect volunteer named Victor, sent me this picture of his badass 3D printed pen shaped like our player character:

Click for full size

He also provided the .stl file of the model, in case anyone else has access to a 3D printer.  What a radical guy!

Contact me if you’d like to buy an early copy of the game and play it now – they’re $10 apiece.

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  1. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY! FINALLY 😀 This post was long awaited Mr. 2DArray 😀 So happy for you and a great feeling to know that the game is finally done. I’ve been waiting for the full version for so long. I’d he happy to purchase one of those early copies for sure! You should get my mail from this post right? Anyways I can’t wait :)

  2. Man, Victor is awesome! He was the best volunteer ever, too :)

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