I don’t have a hilarious prank, but here are some pictures instead

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It’s April 1st and that means I’m supposed to say something zany and out-of-character.  Hurr durr, from now on I only make Free-To-Pay games exclusive to Ubuntu Christian Edition.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the world map in Unity’s editor view.  Some of the in-game prettiness (like post-processing) is missing, but you can get a nicer overall view of the map layout.  New things from the past few days include the start of a much nicer player-accessible mountain and a new desert zone.  I also got the general movement in the world map to work more smoothly than before, allowing the player to slide along irregular walls and making camera pans feel a bit more natural.

And lastly, here’s a little video clip of the player quick-traveling along a roadway.

Oh also I got a new WordPress theme so maybe things look a little more sleek around here.  Happy holidays!

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