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Part of the single player campaign in UntitledBulletHell.com (…new title soon) calls for 3D flyover views of 19 different cities.  This is a gargantuan art task for a team of our size (…two), so I’ve been making a procedural-generation-powered tool to help with creating cityscapes out of a manageable number of art assets.  These cities will only be presented as screensaver-style flyovers (since all of the core gameplay occurs out in the field), which gives the generator a ton of wiggle room to be naive and stupid about its placement rules…as long as the results are pretty from above.  Here’s what a current result looks like (with all placeholder art assets):

(Click for full size)
(Click for full size)

I’ve also been doing a lot of groundwork for the game’s storyline lately, since it’s nearly time to start plugging away at single player/co-op content in full force.  I figured out some key narrative points about the overall setting yesterday, which will help me for…probably the entire duration of the writing process.  Hooray!

Enjoy your Sunday.

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