I’ve got bad news…and two kinds of good news

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The bad news is that Titanium Frontier has been cancelled for some very frustrating financial reasons (and I don’t mean that we ran out of money – don’t worry, we’re fine).  If this is disappointing to you, too, contact me and I can explain the circumstances in further detail.

The first good news is that Not the Robots is about to get its biggest update so far – more information can be found on the Steam forums.  It adds a Save+Quit option for Campaign mode, improves performance (particularly for lower-end hardware), makes it easier to access You Find Yourself In A Room 2 (which can be unlocked with a cheat code now, instead of only by completing all 20 Challenge levels…which is extremely difficult), and various other tweaks and fixes, too.  I think it represents a noticeable increase in the overall quality of the game, and I hope that you guys will agree!

The other good news is that cancelling a project means we get to work on a new thing instead!  This one’s got a smaller scope – and this is probably going to be the general plan for a little while.  Smaller games, faster development times, cheaper prices, and we’ll expand further on the ideas that are received well by the audience.

First up:  A puzzle game centered around a fluid simulation!  The tech is in a similar vein as Spewer, an old game that I worked on…but this time there’s no platforming going on, so the gameplay’s focus is more on the fluid mechanics.  Can’t talk about the puzzle structure yet, but for now, I’ve got a fun little tech demo video.  More info soon!

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  1. Very, very sad to see the cancellation of Titanium Frontier, but keep up the good work and good luck on the puzzler.

  2. The Fluid Sim looks amazing! The music track is also very, very chill!

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