A vague progress report

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The fluid puzzler is coming along really well!  Since it’s a short-form puzzle game, I don’t want to show too much of its actual content for fear of ruining some of the fun.  The current plan is to have 21 levels, and as of today I have 11 that have at least a first draft.  Each puzzle needs to go through a few rounds of playtesting with fresh eyes, or else they’ll end up being shitty and frustrating.

We’ve found our visual artist and two voice actors, but I don’t have content from them yet, so I’ll save their intros for another time.

Here’s a quick screenshot that shows a text renderer that I implemented yesterday and today.  Not the most exciting tool…but a vital one for this game.  I couldn’t use Unity’s default text-mesh-generator, because it didn’t support some important features like smooth word-by-word reveals and wordwrap (which would have been a pain in the ass to work around).

Mild spoiler - the chemist mentioned is Louis Fieser, a real-life historical figure...

Still lots to do, but progress is looking good!

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  1. Excited to the final product of the game.

  2. I’m liking the concept behind this, excited to see the final product.

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