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Heyo – got another update that’s a little more…uh, visually interesting.

Specifically, the fluid game is going to have two segments that use fullscreen shader effects: one’s a flashback and has that classic “degraded film” effect going on, and the other involves the player character wearing a mask of some sort.

film effect



The mask distortion is a little hard to see with the tiny amount of surface detail in the scene, but it shows up pretty well in the top-left and bottom-center.

The “mask” effect is controlled by an texture that looks like this (it’s a placeholder for the time being):

mask texture

This texture is intended to be a very “non-technical” image format – the white parts of the image are the parts of the screen that get distorted and darkened the most.  The idea is that it’ll be really easy to explain to our visual artist how the texture works, and then they’ll be able to make a higher-quality texture for us, without any hassle in the explanation.


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  1. Looking good so far. David Carney usually provides music to accompany the games you design, is he providing the soundtrack with this as well, when I look at these screenshots it evokes the kind of ambiance you had on ‘This is a Work of Fiction’ with more in-depth puzzles.

  2. Yup, David’s doing the audio again – I actually just moved to Omaha (where he and his wife live) so that we could continue to collaborate in person. I’ll probably be posting some of his music for the game in the near future!

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