On crushing; smashing

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TrashTech is finally released–go play it on Kongregate! In other news, I scrapped the brawler idea, but I’ve got something way better instead.  It’s a stealth game, and it’s been testing really well…I’ll have a bunch of things to say … Continued

TrashTech releases soon, plus other stuff

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TrashTech is pretty much only missing its audio at this point, which is being handled by David Carney (as usual).  It’ll go up on Kongregate whenever he’s finished, so keep your eyes open for it! Since I’m just waiting on … Continued


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So yeah, “TrashTech” stuck as a name.  It’s a little bland as a title, but perfectly bland as a name for the company in the game. Basically it’s grown on me a bit, so I’m happy with it. There’s a … Continued

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