The mystery of the missing TitleBar

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s been a couple weeks, so here’s a new alpha build for you.  This might end up being the last of these testing builds with a significant list of changes…a lot of the remaining stuff is the “top … Continued

New alpha build!

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Happy Monday!  Got a significantly updated version of the public gameplay testing build for you.  If you’re not too far into the unlock progress but already have old save data, I recommend starting off by going to the Options and … Continued

Tweet tweet

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Small usability update – a special “surveillance” overlay to show that a round hasn’t actually start yet while you’re checking out the level. Clicky clicky

Gameplay Alpha Number 3

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Some more updates for you: Some new types of furniture – Two new desks – Two new PCs and a new computer monitor – Two new floor lamps (removed that awkward rectangular one) – An update to the vending machine Some new … Continued

New alpha build for you

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Got some little updates for you – if you played the alpha before, your content unlock progress and settings and such should still work with this new version. Some of the stuff that’s new: – Some new furniture and doodad … Continued

And one for Thursday, too

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Here are the links to the public testing version of Not the Robots.  About time! Windows Windows (64 bit) Mac Linux A very special prize will be awarded to the first person who can play the alpha version enough to … Continued

A little surprise for your Wednesday

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I’ve had less stuff to work on lately than usual because the stealth game is still approaching its testing milestone, so I’ve got a bunch of to-do lists that I can’t work on quite yet, and instead I’ve had some … Continued

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