Title Card

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Quick – and be honest – is this a stupid title? Public testing/Greenlight/Kickstarter are all getting closer all the time… (EDIT)  Guess that one sucks – here’s another shot at it.

Ludum Dare 25 and a little bit about sneakers

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I’ve got the result of my first game jam – it’s sorta rudimentary but I’m still pretty happy with it.  It’s supposed to be exploratory, so expect a certain amount of fiddling. Click me In other news, David is squared … Continued

Lots to show, but no time to show it…

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Hey y’all – I’ve got various updates to the stealth game (new enemy character art, custom trial levels, unlock progress, mildly randomized flooring, etc), but I don’t have any time to show it off yet because I’m about to head … Continued

Character art!

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Finally! Here’s our hero up close: And here he is crouched. Originally his “torso” was going to be a big square telescope that would be easy to shorten.  I think this new spreading panel body type is much more interesting … Continued

New video

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Got a new video for you!  This one focuses on tutorial features, but it also shows little bits of various other changes.  Eyes open!

Furniture consumption

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The stealth game’s various menus are starting to come together pretty nicely, but they’re still not quite done.  Working on interface every day was starting to wear on me a bit, so I took some time to put in a … Continued

It’s advanced.

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PC gamers love their advanced video settings.  Maybe it’s a tradition thing. Until recently, the game only ran in one of four graphics presets (“Sparse,” “Simple,” “Standard,” and “Stellar”).  I’m going to be keeping those as the basic settings, but … Continued

Player motion

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I still don’t have any real character art for the player, but I know that the final design will work kinda like one of those Segway Scooter, but with a sphere instead of two wheels.  I recently updated the way … Continued

More about wallpapers

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  The current wallpaper generator uses a mix of fractal information and random noise.  The method works pretty much how I explained earlier, but with one important extra trick. The result of each pattern render is a mixture of big, … Continued

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