Fisher-Diver is about to start moving around

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Fisher-Diver’s weeklong exclusivity with Armor is over, so I just uploaded it to Kongregate.  Let’s all say hello to our friends from there. (Hello, K folks!) Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow!  How exciting.

Early feedback!

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Seems like Fisher-Diver is doing pretty well on Armor so far.  Their audience usually like my stuff less than some other websites (like Kongregate, in particular), so it’s super reassuring to see a lot of positive comments coming in.  And … Continued

Fisher-Diver is out!

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Hey everybody!  Fisher-Diver went live yesterday.  It’s site-locked to for a week, and after that we’ll start allowing it to spread around.  I’ll also be able to use this time to make some final adjustments and bug fixes according … Continued

Fisher-Diver’s audio progress

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David Carney and Tristan Costanzo have been hard at work on the audio for Fisher-Diver, and it sounds fantastic!  I recorded a really quick video to show how it’s coming along.  What do you think?

More fishing, more diving

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I’m thinking about using the title “Fisher-Diver” now.  It’s not flashy, but it’s easy to remember, explains the main gameplay in very simple terms, and seems to be surprisingly Google-friendly.  For the moment, it’s good enough.  I might think of … Continued

Yet another fishing update

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There’s a new version of the fishing game (is “Fishing Dream” a stupid title?) in the tab near the top of the page.  Most of the changes are focused on shaping the “fun-ness” of the gameplay.  Up until now the … Continued

New fishing build

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There’s a new version of the fishing game in the tab near the top.  It’s much more game-like now.  Tons of new features and polish. And because you asked nicely, here’s a screenshot from the next version.

Attention, shoppers:

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Here’s a quick screenshot of how the fishing game’s store is coming along.  I like it so far! (edit) And here’s a picture of what gameplay looks like at this point.  Bubbles everywhere!

Deep sea fishing demo!

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I’ve been quietly tinkering away on a deep sea fishing game lately.  Fix is still under way and moving along wonderfully (and my artist is settled down for a while again, so he can do more work and we can … Continued

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