Lots of progress…

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. Fix is still coming along nicely, but I don’t have anything to show for it at the moment.  I’ll most likely put up a video to explain some features soon, but I … Continued

Terrain and character control

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I started working on the terrain rendering for Fix today.  The general idea is to make it similar to how I did it in Company, but update it to support more gameplay features and overall coolness. Aside from that, I’ve … Continued

New smoke, and a picture of a crane.

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I think this is the fifth time I’ve tried making the smoke for Fix work.  It’s been slowly getting closer and closer to something usable for a full game, and I think this version is finally the one! It’s very … Continued

“Work of Fiction” releases.

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Hey everybody, the game’s finally out.  You can play it here.  I’ll start putting it up on other websites (Newgrounds, Kongregate, etc) soon. This means that now, it’s time to start working on a new project.  I’ve narrowed it down … Continued

Level design is finished.

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I’ve been sick for a few days, which is Cantonese for “I haven’t been able to get anything done.”  I’m feeling better now, though, and today’s my first day back at work. Work of Fiction now has twenty solid levels. … Continued

Closer and closer…

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Work of Fiction is still coming along.  19 out of 20 levels are finished at this point.  The main menu and level select work (and they’re kind of awesome).  The writing may or may not be done.  Can’t be long … Continued

Riddles solved.

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You might have missed it, but for a little while there, I had four riddles (part of Work of Fiction) posted here.  The point was to make sure that they’re all solvable by normal people–Turns out, all of them are, … Continued

Screenies, and other thoughts.

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Three out of five of Work of Fiction’s puzzles are starting to function. I’m also considering dropping five puzzles so I have 20 solid ones total.  Four sets of five puzzles instead of five sets of five puzzles.  Once you … Continued

Work of Fiction is getting a gameplay overhaul.

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Until today, I had two programmers working on the code for Work of Fiction, but I’ve gotten sick of waiting around for them to respond to my emails (most notably, they haven’t said anything to me in about three weeks), … Continued

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