More info.

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Since I still don’t have a title for it yet, I’m going to be referring to the new game as Grief for the time being.  I wish that Grief would work as a final title, because it does have a … Continued


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So, a few updates. First off, I don’t know whether or not the text game will get finished–I’ve got more important things to work on, since that was just a “for fun” sort of project.  I still have no intention … Continued

Shit becomes real.

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Alright, so here’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened lately.  This is Corey, and he’s got balls of steel. There’s gotta be someone who can top this.  Any takers?

A very quick side project.

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JayIsGames has occasional game design competitions, and I’m going to enter the current one. And I’m going to get disqualified. The idea is that everyone makes a text-based game where you have to escape from a room, and it’s all … Continued

Some fixes for the website.

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Whoops, turns out my website was broken in a few ways.  Comments didn’t work for blog posts, and category pages didn’t work either.  The culprit was shifty URLs for both of them.  Should be fixed now.  Quick, post comments and … Continued

Company chugs along.

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The Company of Myself continues to collect viewers and spread around the internet like a video of a cat falling off of a table into a vat of molten lead.  Unfortunately, due to agreements with the sponsor, I wasn’t allowed … Continued

Some early feedback.

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I threw a link to Company up on Reddit, and it’s gotten a fair bit of comment feedback–As of right now, almost 250 comments in 12 hours. I’m always intensely critical of my own work, and that makes it very … Continued

“The Company of Myself” Releases.

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Finally, after lots and lots of wading through business delays and whatnot, Company is out in the wild. You can play it on a whole bunch of websites, as it looks like it’s started to spread around already. Find it … Continued

A new title, and more progress.

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Once More’s title has changed.  The new title is The Company of Myself. Aside from that, I also finished a major section of the game–Specifically, the chunk that revolves around Kathryn, a person from the main character’s past.  She doesn’t … Continued

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