Someone else’s video of Not the Robots

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Hey guys – a chill bro who calls himself ergman3 recorded a Let’s Play video of the Not the Robots gameplay alpha.  This is the first video of its kind, so I’m pretty excited about it!  He also gives some really useful feedback – a few of his suggestions have already been implemented.

This video shows the game pretty early on in the unlock progress, so there’s only a few of the enemies/items available.  Who can make one farther in, with more content to show off?

The mystery of the missing TitleBar

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Happy Tuesday!  It’s been a couple weeks, so here’s a new alpha build for you.  This might end up being the last of these testing builds with a significant list of changes…a lot of the remaining stuff is the “top secret” part of the game that I’m not going to show until release day.  Maybe I’m wrong, though, and there’s still a shitload of things to fix up.  Time will tell!




Windows (64 bit)





And if you’re the curious type, here’s the full list of changes:


Noteworthy features

– Added “object is about to be eaten” effect for clarity

  • Effect is disabled when rendering in VertexLit mode (lowest lighting quality setting)

– Implemented wall decorations

– Secret things that can’t be shown yet


Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug causing certain furniture to become invisible when eating something else

– Fixed a bug causing Stun traps to occasionally pick invalid targets

– Fixed a bug causing Sprint timers to remains visible after player death

– Fixed bug causing exterior walls to be invisible at certain (incorrect) times

– Fixed bug causing player lights to remain visible after losing

– Fixed bug that caused an unlock to trigger a level later than intended

– Fixed bug that allowed enemies to teleport items into Blocks

– Fixed bug causing sentries to teleport items less than intended

– Fixed bug causing buildings to be labeled incorrectly during Intermission

– Fixed some bugs regarding secret things that can’t be shown yet


Minor changes

– Backs of desks are slightly thicker (fixes clipping problem)

– Furniture tutorial triggers when close to first furniture, not touching it

– Lasers can no longer change direction after key is taken

– Trapped sentries rotate in place

– First level including sentries is forced to only spawn one

– Spotlight with no room to spawn reverts to two lasers (instead of a sentry…d’oh)

– New carpet and tiled floor textures

– Adjusted Little Bird’s intro monologue slightly

– Permawalls use nicer furniture shader instead of default Specular

– Elevator lights flicker with player/food meter

– Dialed down difficulty of later Campaign levels

– Made sure that only one gadget box spawns at a time until one has been taken

– Swapped unlock positions of Easy Wall and Hard Laser (wall comes first now)

– Eating is blocked until furniture tutorial is shown

  • Also means crouch must be learned first

– Easy Lasers are still green for high beams, but blue for low

– Main Menu’s “Story Entries” button doesn’t show up until one is found

– Improved some secret things that can’t be shown yet

New alpha build!

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Happy Monday!  Got a significantly updated version of the public gameplay testing build for you.  If you’re not too far into the unlock progress but already have old save data, I recommend starting off by going to the Options and erasing your progress.  The new version of the game starts with a bit more default content than the old one, so it should be a little more engaging a little earlier on.

This version also includes some of the Story Screen interface mentioned in the previous post, but all of the actual story content will be hidden away until the game’s release.  For instance, here’s a picture of the player character encountering a snippet of the storyline in the wild.

In a strange turn of events, this new alpha build includes the first changelog that I’ve ever kept for myself.  Only took ten years!  The full list of updates is right after the download links.


Windows (64 bit)



Web Player


The Campaign difficulty curve is changed significantly, and part of what that means is that it’s based on some amount of guesswork, so letting me know how far you can get (along with how long you’ve played the game so far) would be super helpful.  Who’s a bad enough dude to finish Building 6?



– Two floors per building instead of three

– Odd buildings only have traps (no Sentries), even buildings are normal

– Different floor types for different rooms of one level

– Possibly finalized unlock progress!

  • Removed first three levels of unlocks
  • Start with Sprint, Dig, Invisible, Blocks, easy laser, easy floor, and sentries
  • Removed first Difficulty unlock (too insignificant of a difference)

– “Surveillance” screen overlay before player spawns

– New Huge Table and Black CRT props

– Began work on Stories screen


Bug fixes

– Fixed an issue with binding actions to a mouse button

– Fixed a problem with using selected items while deactivating teleport+/invisible

– Player character’s Status Lights were visible in elevator before spawning

– Player character was unintentionally invisible during Teleport+

– Fixed problem that caused Easy Sliding Walls to turn permanently white after hitting the player



– Adjustments to overall Campaign difficulty curve

  • Should be tougher, but more succinct

– Food meter blinks with player lights when objectives are complete

– Level generator will no longer spawn two upgrades in one level until all three have been seen

– Intermission screen is a smidgeon faster

– Easy Laser traps pick either a single high or low beam instead of always using a high beam

– Keyboard users can select items with the number keys

– Better furniture-by-rooms selection

– Slightly improved “Eating” particle effect

– Optional tutorial in first level to explain how to use the elevator

– Can crouch/uncrouch before spawning (shown through camera movement)

– Bonus ticks in Campaign’s Progress screen indicate how they were earned

– Campaign difficulty levels have six possible sets of eight names (“Regular,” “Peppery,” “Medium”, “Spicy,” etc. – no more percentages)

– Rebalanced Challenge 9:  The Juggernaut

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  1. Nice idea with the musical instruments, that’s suuuuuuper important for learning something completely. Like you’re going to know about different materials and how sound works, thats cool. I learned about how meat dries, and now I have an idea of how things dry. Also, for the cell game, (maybe) making it more realistic, by like making it kinda like a 3d osmosis jones will make it more visceral and real. maybe. Yea but it’s gonna take you a while to make anything, just like my cousin who’s an artist, each mosaic takes like a month, depending how big it is. A big project, like on the side of a building took him like 8 months, but his work is…. rigorous and detailed and very thoughtful and carefully crafted. His works are good, old museum art good, like roman vases good. Anyway, yea it’s good that you are making your own instruments because i’m doing the same thing, but with economics. It really helps you understand precisely how the physical world works. It’s nice.

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