A city

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Part of the single player campaign in UntitledBulletHell.com (…new title soon) calls for 3D flyover views of 19 different cities.  This is a gargantuan art task for a team of our size (…two), so I’ve been making a procedural-generation-powered tool … Continued

Sand update

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I spent some more time working on the sand shader for the desert zone – here’s a little animation of how it’s looking: Nothing else to show for the moment – happy Friday

Three quick screenshots

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Heyo, I’ve got a few shots of some more world map progress. First, another update to the swamp zone – everything was looking a little low to the ground, so I added some droopy trees to act as larger landmark-style … Continued

Enemies and swampiness

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I’ve been working on some art assets – primarily, more progress on the world map and some proper visuals for the in-game enemies. The different tiers of hostile minions are color-coded now to help show their purposes, so the $60 … Continued

New project!

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So…I haven’t posted much of anything here about this game I’m making after Robots.  It doesn’t have a final title yet, but for now we’re calling it UntitledBulletHell.com.  Here’s a quick video where David (the sound guy) and I explain … Continued

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