An early smattering of Let’s Play videos

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So we’re about a week into the launch of Not the Robots and things are looking nice so far!

We’ve already got some cool Let’s Play videos going up, so I thought it’d be fun to share a few of them:

First off, TotalBiscuit did one of his “WTF Is…” videos!  This one has easily the most views of any so far, so I figured I’d get it out of the way first.

Here’s a really solid description of early gameplay from a Youtuber named Mezza

This guy named Phil has an amazing close call starting at about 7:25 – he barely escapes with literally ONE health point and then immediately stumbles onto a health pack.  Glorious

Finally, David the sound guy has been amassing a big playlist of all the Let’s Plays that he can find – he’s got 30 or 40 at the time I wrote this.

We love Let’s Plays!  Send us your videos!  Not the Robots is available here!

Some news

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Okay, got a bunch of updates…

First of all, Not the Robots is complete.

Now obviously, I don’t mean absolutely complete – we’ll update it as necessary.  For the moment, I have release-ready versions of the full game and demo running on Steam and Kongregate’s services…they’re just not publicly visible yet.  I’m sorry that all of this has taken so much longer than I was expecting.  At this point we’re just waiting for tinyBuild and Steam to finalize a release date.

A few people who preordered in person can already play the game, though!  One of those people, a CasualConnect volunteer named Victor, sent me this picture of his badass 3D printed pen shaped like our player character:

Click for full size

He also provided the .stl file of the model, in case anyone else has access to a 3D printer.  What a radical guy!

Contact me if you’d like to buy an early copy of the game and play it now – they’re $10 apiece.

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  1. Nice idea with the musical instruments, that’s suuuuuuper important for learning something completely. Like you’re going to know about different materials and how sound works, thats cool. I learned about how meat dries, and now I have an idea of how things dry. Also, for the cell game, (maybe) making it more realistic, by like making it kinda like a 3d osmosis jones will make it more visceral and real. maybe. Yea but it’s gonna take you a while to make anything, just like my cousin who’s an artist, each mosaic takes like a month, depending how big it is. A big project, like on the side of a building took him like 8 months, but his work is…. rigorous and detailed and very thoughtful and carefully crafted. His works are good, old museum art good, like roman vases good. Anyway, yea it’s good that you are making your own instruments because i’m doing the same thing, but with economics. It really helps you understand precisely how the physical world works. It’s nice.

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