A bunch of screenshots

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Hello everybody.  I just noticed that I haven’t put up any screenshots of normal gameplay in a really long time, so here’s a few to chew on.  I just hooked up a prettier-looking setup for the interior grey walls, so … Continued

Surfaces and such

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I’ve been learning about making shaders lately.  Summary:  Making shaders is really fuckin’ interesting. For starters, I added some extra niceness to the shader used on the main obstacles (the stuff you’ll be picking up).  Part of that is a … Continued

Layout examples…

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I updated the level generation code yesterday and today, and now it can finally create buildings that aren’t rectangular.  This turned out to involve quite a few changes to quite a few aspects of the code, but the results are … Continued

Tinting and color schemes

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Hello again!  Got another art update for the stealth game.  The biggest new feature is automatic tinting, so different buildings can have their own color schemes.  The three colored bars on the outer walls are the building’s main colors, and … Continued

Another screenie…

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It’s only been a day, but I worked a bunch on the aesthetics for the stealth game starting immediately after I posted the previous screenshot, so here’s a new one.  I’m running the trial for Unity Pro now, so I … Continued

Something mysterious…

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Sorry about the total lack of posts so far this month.  Been busy.  Here’s a screenshot.  Lots of stuff is still very much placeholder art, as should be expected. It’s a roguelike that’s wrapped around stealth gameplay instead of normal … Continued

On crushing; smashing

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TrashTech is finally released–go play it on Kongregate! In other news, I scrapped the brawler idea, but I’ve got something way better instead.  It’s a stealth game, and it’s been testing really well…I’ll have a bunch of things to say … Continued

TrashTech releases soon, plus other stuff

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TrashTech is pretty much only missing its audio at this point, which is being handled by David Carney (as usual).  It’ll go up on Kongregate whenever he’s finished, so keep your eyes open for it! Since I’m just waiting on … Continued


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So yeah, “TrashTech” stuck as a name.  It’s a little bland as a title, but perfectly bland as a name for the company in the game. Basically it’s grown on me a bit, so I’m happy with it. There’s a … Continued

Physics game update

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Hello again!  I’ve been doing some more plugging away at this physics game.  It might end up being called TrashTech?  That might be a stupid title.  I still can’t ever tell. The game’s been fleshed out some more in both … Continued

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