Some news

Okay, got a bunch of updates… First of all, Not the Robots is complete. Now obviously, I don’t mean absolutely complete – we’ll update it as necessary.  For the moment, I have release-ready versions of the full game and demo … Continued

Bigger update

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Hey y’all – hope your Tuesday is going nicely so far.  The game’s still inching towards completion – I only have one more significant piece of content to put together!  David says he’s close to being finished with the sound/music, … Continued

Little update

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I made a new set of furniture pieces (somewhere around 30?) to help make progress in the Campaign mode feel more significant.  I also tied the secondary objectives to Campaign progress, so the early levels only have a food goal, … Continued

A shitload of updates

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Ahoy there!  It’s been a while.  Luckily for me, I’ve got plenty of cool new features and updates to show for it. First, my only bad news:  There won’t be any more public alpha versions of the game. The good … Continued

New alpha build!

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Happy Monday!  Got a significantly updated version of the public gameplay testing build for you.  If you’re not too far into the unlock progress but already have old save data, I recommend starting off by going to the Options and … Continued

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